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Our brands and products are positioned where we have identified gaps in the traditional financial market. And where we are convinced that we can contribute to better financial health - for customers and shareholders. And for society in general.

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The bank for the new normal

Nordax Bank is a Nordic specialist bank established in 2003 which has over the years developed an unrivalled competence within underwriting. We offer consumer loans, savings products and, since 2019, also mortgages and currently serve some 300 000 customers. We help people make informed decisions for a life they can afford.
Through a centralized and highly scalable platform, Nordax is on a journey to become a leading specialist bank in Northern Europe. We employ approximately 450 professionals, all working in one office in Stockholm.

Bank Norwegian

A digital front runner

Bank Norwegian is a fully digital bank with more than 1,7 million customers across the Nordics, Spain, and Germany. We have a simple and transparent product portfolio consisting of consumer loans, credit cards, savings accounts, and insurances. We are working to create user-friendly digital products that make it easy to keep track of your personal economy.
Bank Norwegian has more than 15 years of banking experience and is based in Fornebu in the outskirts of Oslo. We are around 160 employees representing 21 nationalities.

Leading equity release provider

Svensk Hypotekspension AB is a housing credit institution with a mission to contribute to a valuable and meaningful life for seniors. With the equity release product called Hypotekspension, we have since the start in 2005 helped over 16 000 homeowners, aged 60 and over, to access money from the value of their home. The key features that make the product suit seniors is the lack of monthly expenses due to no amortization and running interest. Instead, the interest costs are continuously added to the loan and are only paid when the home is sold.
Svensk Hypotekspension was the first company to offer equity release in Sweden. In 2017 Nordax Bank acquired Svensk Hypotekspension. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.


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