Cookies information

What is a cookie?

This website uses what are known as cookies. Under the Swedish Electronic Communications Act (2003:389), all visitors to sites that use cookies must be informed that (i) the website uses cookies, (ii) what said cookies are used for and, (iii) how cookies can be avoided.

Cookies are tiny information files that are used to identify users during a brief or extended period. These information files are stored in your computer, but are not able to cause any harm.

There are two types of cookies, and we use both:

  • Session cookies, which are temporarily stored in the computer while a visitor navigates the site. These disappear once the browser is closed and are used for the functionality of the sites when you visit them.
  • Persistent cookies, which are stored in the computer until they are manually deleted by the user or until the date by which they are deemed expended.

Why do we use cookies?

At, we use cookies to enhance our website and to give you the best possible user experience. Our analysis is conducted with the assistance of a statistics tool from a third-party supplier that uses what are termed “third-party cookies.” These cookies do not store any personal details about you, and instead only serve to make’s visitor statistics more reliable. The statistics that are gathered through third-party cookies comprise information on the number of page views, which website the user most recently visited and how many people visit our website. 

No personal details stored

We do not collect any personal information, like your name or e-mail address, nor do we use cookies to track any personal information about you as a visitor. If you choose not to accept cookies, we will not gather any information during your visit.

How to avoid cookies

You can decline cookies by adjusting the security settings in your web browser, governing what cookies are to be allowed, blocked or deleted. You should be aware that your experience on our website may be diminished, and if you completely block all cookies, most of the functions on our website will stop working. You can find more information and instructions in the help section of your web browser. 

Companies and organizations have collectively designed a self-governing structure for the use of cookies, which is described in the Recommendations for the use of cookies for the Swedish online market. Nordax complies with these recommendations.

You can read more about cookies and the Swedish Electronic Communications Act (2003:389) on the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s website

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