Nordax Bank strives to maintain a good business culture and counteract corruption and other irregularities. So-called whistleblowers play a central role in safeguarding and promoting important values in a democratic society, such as openness and transparency.

Nordax Bank's internal reporting channel is part of the organisation's work to prevent and detect malpractice and to protect whistleblowers, who report malpractice. Via Nordax Bank's internal reporting channel, whistleblowers can report malpractices and irregularities within Nordax Bank, without having to worry about negative consequences.

The persons protected by the Whistleblower Act are persons with a so-called work-related context to the business. These are employees or other persons who in one way or another are active in or in connection with the business where the malpractice occurs. It also includes part-time employees, jobseekers and people who have terminated their employment.

Report openly or anonymously through the Whistleblower Service

Nordax Bank's internal reporting channel is a secure system provided by the Nordax Bank independent party KPMG AB ("KPMG"). KPMG's Whistleblower Service is completely independent of Nordax Bank’s intranet and external website and can receive reports around the clock.

The reporting person may choose to report anonymously or to appear with their personal information. No account registration is required to make a report, but it further facilitates the investigation of the case and / or follow-up of the status of the case. To ensure the anonymity of the reporting person, KPMG AB does not save IP addresses or other metadata. The system also protects the report and any information about the person or persons whose identity appears in the report.

Reporting persons report via KPMG's web application or via 0046771401670 or enter the following address into the browser: https://wbreport.amo.kpmg.se/5566477286

A specially appointed employee at KPMG is assigned the case and can then read / listen to the report. Only the employee or employees who have been assigned a case in the reporting system can read / listen to a report and correspond with the reporting person.

The reporting person can choose to remain anonymous, but in such case there is a risk that the information will be more difficult to follow up. There is a messaging feature in the web application. When reporting persons write messages in a reported case, the case manager only sees the case reference number as sender.

Whistleblowers are given the opportunity to report externally to authorities specifically appointed by the government. Regarding Nordax Bank current authority for external reporting is the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw: Finansinspektionen”).

Whistleblowers | Finansinspektionen


External reporting does not restrict whistleblower protection, regardless of whether the reporting concerns an issue that falls outside the authority's area of responsibility or not.

The personal data controller for the processing of personal data in connection with the reporting of irregularities is Nordax Bank. Contact information and information about representatives is available here Om Personuppgifter on Nordax Bank's website.