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Nordax is a leading specialistbank in Northern Europe. We have more than 185 000 customers and act as a complement to main street banks. We concentrate on a few products that we are experts in; we help people make informed decisions for a life they can afford.

Career in Nordax

Responsible lending is our core competency. It is our key to success and one of the most important parts in our work to become the leading niche bank in northern Europe. The foundation to this is comprised of motivated and driven co-workers. Through a present and coaching leadership we build a creative culture and working climate, were responsibility is central.  

The culture at Nordax is characterised by participation and decisiveness. Everyone has the opportunity to affect the results and the end product at Nordax. We are an inclusive bank that works with diversity and equality. Our core values guide us in everything we do and how we act, both internally and externally. We are responsible, simple, sound and customer centric.

We have a clear focus on sustainability and act to have a positive impact on our environment. We strive to integrate the work within sustainability in the entire organisation. As a result, we search for talents that share our interest in sustainability. Responsible business is central to us. We are convinced that it generates long term value for us at the same time as it creates value for our customers, co-workers and other stakeholders.

Are you interested in being a part of our journey to become the leading niche bank in northern Europe? Apply today and become an important part of our development, at the same time as you give your own career a boost!