Invest in Nordax

Nordax is a leading niche bank, offering personal loans and savings accounts to customers in our current home markets: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. Our thorough, sound and data-driven credit assessment process is our core competence. Our four current home markets share a stable macroeconomic outlook, stable public finances, comprehensive social insurance systems and good access to personal data, which facilitates credit assessments.

There is underlying growth in our markets, driven by positive macroeconomic development and a cultural shift toward consuming more today rather than waiting.

Nordax has a long history of lending growth, increasing or stable margins, stable credit quality and increased operational efficiency. We have extensive experience in the company and have been through economic cycles. As a smaller, more focused bank, we can continue to take market share from larger banks in our specialties.

Nordax’s business model is focused on unsecured personal loans with diversification in terms of geographical markets and funding sources.


  • Focused business model that delivers steady and sound organic growth
  • Geographically diversified lending with growth potential in all markets
  • Management with extensive experience from the industry and with economic cycles
  • Gradual expansion of the business to new geographical markets
  • Expertise in data-driven credit assessment
  • Effective marketing where the main part of lending is through own channels
  • Stable credit quality based on responsible lending and a financially stable customer group
  • Diversified funding and robust liquidity
  • Solid capital generation and capital position
  • Central, scalable platform with increasing efficiency
  • Robust profitability to finance growth and dividend

Total lending, 
Billion SEK

Lending by market