Responsible lending, employee wellbeing, business ethics and effective use of resources. 

Our work within sustainability

Nordax Sustainability Policy describes our work and governance within our focus areas within sustainability; financial inclusion and responsible lending, employee wellbeing, business ethics and effective use of resources.

Our contribution to Global Compact´s ten principles corresponds with our overall agenda within sustainability, described in the Sustainability Policy: “Nordax shall integrate sustainability throughout its business, taking responsibility for acting and living according to Nordax’s values, and striving for simplicity and transparency. Nordax shall provide products and services that provide opportunities for Nordax’s customers, other key stakeholders and Nordax to make contributions to a sustainable future. Nordax shall drive financial inclusion by constantly adapting our banking solutions to the way we live and work and create opportunities for more people. Nordax shall manage risk, including risks related to environmental, social and governance aspects.”

Actions taken and results of above mentioned can be found in our 2019 Annual Report and progress and future ambitions will be further communicated in the Annual report for 2020.

Financial inclusion and Responsible lending are in the center of everything we do

The foundation of Nordax business is financial inclusion which is also the purpose of each of our products. Over the past years we have intensified our efforts and now pride ourselves of our offerings within mortgages, equity release and unsecured consumer loans. We make affordable banking solutions accessible to more individuals who usually don’t fit in the traditional bank model. At Nordax we keep the door open but without compromising the requirements for our customers’ financial stability.

Our employees are our most important asset

Competent and motivated employees who enjoy their work provide better service. Thanks to broad competence and personal responsibility, a corporate culture based on participation and decisiveness has emerged. An encouraging atmosphere, short decision paths and a working environment noted for cooperation, job satisfaction and commitment foster motivation.

Solid Business Ethics

Nordax wants to contribute to an ethical business community, not least to create confidence in the financial market. Fair treatment, transparency and taking responsibility are Nordax’s three business ethics priorities.

Effective Use of Resources

The environment and climate change are one of today’s most important issues for society. While our environmental impact is limited, that doesn’t mean we can rest easy. We challenge ourselves in everything we do and search opportunities to reduce our impact.

UN Global Compact

We support the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We intend to continue implementing the principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption into our business strategy, our culture and daily operations. Also, we strive to increase the knowledge about the ten principles amongst our employees. The ten principles as well as the Sustainable Development Goals will guide us in our future work. Sustainability is important to us and we continue to integrate our work within sustainability further into the organization.

For more informatio please read our latest Annual report and COP