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Times are changing. As is the way we live and work. Nowadays it is fully acceptable to prefer freelancing to permanent employment, to start your own business or to work from home when needed.

Another change is that we live longer and are in better health when we retire. We think all this is for the better – but other banks don’t seem to agree. Or at least they haven’t changed with the times. No permanent employment? No mortgage. No regular paycheck? No loan to realize your retirement dream – even if you have the assets.

At Nordax we think differently. How you live your life is up to you. Society will keep changing.The norm will keep changing. And to stay relevant, the banks need to change too. We believe that focus on financial inclusion is a key success factor for creating an equal, inclusive and growing society. Banks need to adapt to the way we live and work today as well as in the future. That's why we make affordable banking solutions accessible to more individuals who usually don’t fit in the traditional bank model. Nordax is all about creating opportunities – for the new normal.


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